MGB Information

Maintenance Log

Date/Miles Link Description
07/12/2021/109000Purchase Car
07/16/2021/109116 Inspection

Maintenance Performed at The Sports Car Factory:
Safety check, tighten front wheel bearings and grease front end, fill shock absorbers with oil, check brakes, top up transmission oil, repair side mirror, replace driveshaft (bad u-joints and yokes), replace reverse light, flush brake fluid, flush clutch/retorque, change oil and filter.
08/30/2021/109850MaintenanceChanged Spark Plugs, Adjusted Valves to 0.015″ Cold, Attempted carburetor adjustment and timing. Jets set at 0.040″ down. TDC Mark suspect.
09/10/2021/110050MaintenanceRepaired Heater Defrost
Gas Tank
Replaced Gas Tank with New Tour Model, Replaced Tube shocks to rebuilt lever shocks, Replaced Rebound Strap and U-Bolts. Verified all oil levels on lift (transmission, differential and engine)
09/17/2021/110500MaintenanceChanged front shocks to rebuilt shocks from Apple Hydraulics. Changed to Minilite Wheels and new Yokohama Tires.
09/24/2021/110800MaintenanceFinal Timing, carburetor adjustment and marked TDC on pulley. Jets at 0.040″ down for clean burn (brown plugs). Re-Balanced Tires.
10/05/2021/111450RepairInstalled new rubber diaphragm straps and new cushion on driver’s side.
10/09/2021/111816RepairInstalled new switch for Overdrive. Old one had a melt down.

Damper Oil – Recommended: Mobil 1 15W-50