Maintenance / Repair Log

I Traded the GTV in to a Honda Dealer on July 11, 2014
But I Bought it Back on May 20th, 2017
(Thank you so much Veronica for keeping such good care of her!!!!!!)

Note: All prices are listed in Records of Cost

KM Description
06/22/12 1000 First 1000 Km Check at Dealer
08/16/12 5000 Replace Speedometer on Warranty and 5000 Km Check and Oil Change at Dealer
10/17/12 8000 Oil & Filter Change
04/28/13 9500 Installed Kick Stand
04/30/13 9550 Replaced Belt and rollers, cleaned and inspected clutch and inside of belt housing.
05/04/13 9600 Replaced Tires with Michelin Power Pure SC
08/11/13 9600 Installed New Front High intensity bright white light.
08/11/13 9600 Installed Voltage Modulator
10/30/13 11366 Changed Oil and Filter
04/10/2014 11375 Removed From Winter Storage, Checked Air in Tires and Fluid Levels. Installed Custom Seat
04/21/2014 11550 Installed Brembo Brake Caliper in Front, Front Malossi Shock and Rear Malossi Shocks
04/21/2014 11550 Changed Air Filter to Malossi Air Filter
06/06/2014 12800 Installed LED Lights on top Box for brake and turn signals
 10/21/2014  14,378 Irwin Supply – Oil and Filter Change plus Inspection.
 07/20/2016  14,574 Wheel Sport –  Changed Front Tire 120/70-12 51p Power Pure SC. Oil Filter Change, Brake Fluid Change, Changed Seal front caliper Bracket PXE, Needle Bearing for Front Hub, Ball Bearing for Front Hub 20mm, Oil Seal for Front Hub on Fork Side.

Note: Vespa front suspension was damaged by a towing company transporting the Vespa. 
 05/22/2017  14,753 Re-installed large wind screen and front chrome fender protector. Begin full inspection and total cleaning.
 20/08/2017 to 25/08/2017


 15,312 Oil and Filter Change, Belt, Rollers and Complete Variator and outer front pulley with fins changed.

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