Maintenance / Repair Log

Note: All prices are listed in Records of Cost

KM Description
04/28/13 4600 Installed Kick Stand
05/04/13 4716 Oil/Filter Change & Installed Magnetic Plug
05/04/13 4716 Hub Oil Change & Installed Magnetic Plug
05/04/13 4716 Coolant Flush and Change
05/04/13 4716 Brake Fluid Bleed /Change
05/04/13 4716 Air Filter Cleaned, Re-applied Oil, Cleaned Housing
05/04/13 4716 Cleaned Spark Plug
05/05/13 4716 Replaced Variator Belt, Rollers and Cleaned all Belt Housing
05/18/13 4850 Replaced Spark Plug with NGK Iridium Plug CR8EIB
06/23/13 5400 Installed LED brake and back lights. Installed Power Plug and GPS mount.
06/24/13 5552 Installed Back-Off Brake Light, Installed 2 New Tires Michelin Power Pure SC, Installed High Intensity Head Light (High/Low Beam)
08/06/13 6495 Installed Front Wheel Bearings
08/20/13 6600 Painted Scratches on Side and front fender
10/30/13 8109 Changed Oil and Filter
04/10/14 8125 Removed from Winter Storage. Adjusted Tire Pressures, Checked Oil
06/11/2014 9035 Installed Malossi Shocks front and back, cleaned air filter and changed muffler to the newer GTV-300 Muffler.

3 thoughts on “GTS-300”

  1. Russ Bees said:

    Hi Peter:

    I’m following your “Adventures” with your GTV with interest as my own GTV is to be delivered May13, 2013. I noticed that your first variator belt change was at 4710 KM. That seems rather few miles per belt??

    I suppose the owner’s manual will discuss this but I’m curious…what procedure did you follow during the break-in period?

    Keep your messages coming. We enjoy. Russ


    • Peter Sanderson, Software Developer, Consultant & Vespa Owner said:

      The bike was purchased used and was a 2010. It also had a rattling noise that I suspected was a clip on the variator. Additionally, the bike shaked at idle. I had no idea what those first 4500 km were like. So I changed everything. For 100.00 the difference was amazing. No more rattle, no more vibrations or shaking and now I know what condition the belt is in and will change it in 10000 kilometers.

      Ah yes, the crazy break in. Do not ride at a constant speed for the first 5000 kilometers (3000 miles). That was a pain since all my riding is on the country roads and highway. I could not wait until that was over. It was so nice afterwards to just cruise at a setbspeed.


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