Chantal F700GS

DateKMWODescription of Work
04/10/150186901Purchased Bike at Endras BMW and Installed PDM60 Fuse Block under Seat
09/04/15813085740Ottawa Good Time Center – Inspection – Oil and Filter Change
05/05/165620091209Ottawa Good Time Center – Maintenance – Oil and Filter, Inspection and adjust headlight
15/11/167800Parts PurchasedPerformed Oil and Filter Change
25/05/178007096732Ottawa Good Time Center –  Maintenance – Lube and Adjusted Chain
09/09/1814120Removed front calipers and cleaned the calipers and pads. Front brakes were squeaking. They were very dirty. After cleaning, they re-set and were perfect 😊
14/09/1814232Parts PurchasedPerformed Oil and Filter Change
10/10/1814557I adjusted Clutch and added washer top right handlebar to stop the throttle from sticking when the heated grips are on high.
12/10/1814677104114Ottawa Good Time Center – Flushed Brake Fluid, Keyed the new Top Box and verified Clutch and brakes. All Perfect. Cleared Service Light.
28/06/2018500 Parts Purchased
Changed Spark Plugs, Air Filter, Oil and Oil Filter. Parts Purchased Ottawa Good Time Center
07/05/2119000Ottawa Good Time Center Brake Fluid Change and inspect.

Peter R1200R

DateKMWODescription of Work
21/06/18017730595Purchased and Picked up R1200R
27/06/181296BMCB257863Endras BMW Performed 1000 KM Service – Oil Change, Inspection, Gear Oil Change, and installed cylinder head guards.
19/09/18490010459Derand Motorsport installed Excel on Saddle Bags
10/10/186378BMCB263992Endras BMW Performed Oil Change and Inspection.
15/05/189500MeInstalled Spot LEDs to CanBus System
12/06/1810767106564Good Time Center – Change Brake Fluid
13/08/1913241W107611New Tires Installed Angel GT Front and Back
22/08/19 14010 0581358  Changed Oil and Filter – Purchased Oil and Filter at Good Time Center
31/03/2118500 Changed Oil and Filter – Purchased Oil and Filter at Good Time Center
 06/05/2119200114839 Ottawa Good Time – Valve Check, Change Seal Cylinder Head, Brake Fluid Change, Gear Oil Change, Spark Plug Change and Full Inspection. 
17/05/2119300Changed Air Filter with OEM Purchased at Good Time Center – Click Here for Old Filter