Abarth Costs and Maintenance

The following is a list of costs that are associated directly with the Abarth maintenance, repair, improvements and other.

The Current Running Total:

$ 36,638.79

All maintenance records are scanned and the work order may be viewed by clicking on the actual work order number to open a PDF File.

Date/Km Cost Description
August, 23 2013 $ 36,000.00 Capital Fiat Kanata – Out the Door Cost of Fiat 500 Abarth C Fully Loaded with Rust Module and Paint Protection Tax & License
Aug 28,
$ 35.00 Motorcycle Innovations – Super Strength Magnetic Oil Plug (Dimple) for Fiat Abarth
September 6/2013 $ 350.00 Online Fiat Store – Abarth Clothing including Jackets for Chantal and Myself, Hats, Abarth Key Chain, shirts, sweater and coffee cups.
Aug 23, 2013
2,953 Km
$ 112.79
WO 239195
Capital Fiat Kanata – Oil Change, installation of magnetic oil plug and Inspection.
October 1, 2013 $ 167.00 CoverKing – Mosom Plus Car Cover for Abarth
April 10, 2014 $ 0.00 Removed from Winter Storage. Adjusted Tire Pressures, Checked Oil and Re-set all computer settings.
May 14,
12,754 Km
$ 141.00
WO 249830
Capital Fiat Kanata -Changed Oil, Rotated Tires, Lubricated Tracks and Inspection
Aug 26,
19,534 Km
$ 136.29
WO CCCS125426
Embrum Dodge, Chrsler and Jeep – Changed Oil and Rotated Tires and Inspections
Feb. 27
21,000 Km
$ 338.00
Capital Fiat Kanata – Purchased Chrome Scorpion Fuel Cap

1 thought on “Abarth Costs and Maintenance”

  1. Hi Peter!! Very cool blog you have. What a great way to keep your passions in life going – and such an inspiration to those who read this. Best of luck to you in all that you do…. 🙂

    P.S. I’m the lady who met you at the M&M shop in Embrun who gave your car (Fiat) great compliments!


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